ACE – 72567 – SdKfz.6 Zugkraftwagen 5t Pionier

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SdKfz.6 Zugkraftwagen 5t Pionier

SdKfz.6 Zugkraftwagen 5t Pionier The SdKfz 6 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 6) was a half-track military vehicle used by the German Wehrmacht in WW2 as a prime mover for the 10.5 cm leFH 18 howitzer. Development of a medium artillery tractor began in 1934 at Büssing-NAG, in Berlin. The vehicle, produced in around 750 units until 1942, could carry up to 11 men in three rows, covered by a canvas structure. Along as a tractor for the 10.5 leFH 18 howitzer, the vehicle was to be used to tow heavy equipment for engineer units. Production was carried out by both Büssing-NAG and Daimler-Benz.


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SdKfz.6 Zugkraftwagen 5t Pionier 1/72 ACE 72567

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