ACE – 72536 – French WW2 Artillery tractor (6×6) W15T

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French WW2 Artillery tractor (6×6) W15T
The Laffly S15 was a familty of all-terrain military vehicles from French manufacturer Laffly that shared the same six-wheel drive chassis. They were used by French forces during World War II.
The Laffly S15T (T – Tracteur) was a light artillery tractor that was used to tow light field artillery pieces such as modernized variants of the 75 mm mle 1897 field gun and Canon de 105 court mle 1935 B howitzer. The Laffly W15T was a low-profile version of the S15T. It was made by Hotchkiss and was used to tow the 47 mm gun. Few dozens of W-15T were captured by Wehrmacht and used to tow Pak.38 guns and few were armored and converted into APC.


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