ACE – 72437 – B1 Centauro AFV (early series)

B1 Centauro AFV (early series)
Centauro B1 The Centauro is a family of Italian military vehicles originating from a wheeled tank destroyer. It was developed by a consortium of manufacturers, Iveco Fiat – Oto Melara. Iveco Fiat was tasked with developing the hull and propulsion systems while Oto Melara developed the turrets and weapon systems. Over the years, the Centauro platform has been developed into multiple variants to fulfill other combat roles, such as infantry fighting vehicle or SP howitzer. The main armament consists of the Oto Melara 105 mm/52 caliber gyro-stabilized high-pressure, low-recoil gun


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Centauro B1 Italian 105mm wheeled tank 1/72 ACE 72437

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