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Added: August 18, 2019

ACE – 72427 – IDF Shot Meteor Mk.3/5

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IDF Shot Meteor Mk.3/5

IDF Centurion Shot Meteor – In 1958 the Israeli were equipped with aging rearmed M50-51 Shermans and light AMX-13s but lacked modern MBTs. They turned to the British Government for the session of second-hand Centurion Mark III and Mark Vs, about 390 in total. However quite quickly they were modified locally to local specs, earning the title “Sho’t”. The British Centurions, first delivered in the late 1950s were renamed “Sho’t” (“scourge” or “whip”), modified and upgraded soon after their acquisition. This started with the Mark III and Mark.V still equipped with a 20 pounder main guns, and up-gunned to the new locally produced 105 mm based on the British ROF L7 as soon as it was available. The cupola ring was modified to accommodate a heavy cal.50 on an AA mount. The engine was kept as it was, earning the name (later on) for these unmodified vehicles of “Sho”t Meteor”. Other detailed modifications comprised an improved fire extinguishing system, better electrical systems and brakes, and increased fuel capacity.

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