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AccsGB – 72501-72502-72503-72504-72505 – Humber Scout Car

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Humber Scout Car Mk.I/Mk.II

Multi listing entry. AccsGB releases again several variants of the same kit with minor differences between them, and we decided to group them all in a single entry even if it means you will have to take an extra look to Ebay results, as all the versions appear mixed.

This time is a Humber Scout Car, MK I or II, and the brand’s proposal is as follows:

72501 – Humber Scout Car Mk.I
(decals) for two Humber Scouts: A vehicle of Tactical Headquarters, 29th Armoured Brigade, 11th Armoured Division; and a vehicle of HQ Squadron, 7th Royal Tank Regiment, 31st Armoured Brigade.

72502 – Humber Scout Car Mk.II 
(decals) for three Mk II Humber Scouts: A vehicle 59th Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery; a vehicle of TP1, Czechoslovakian Armoured Brigade; and a post-war Belgian vehicle of 1 Regt te Paard.

72503 – Humber Scout Car Mk.I/II Allied Nations
(decals) for three Humber Scouts: A vehicle of 2 Regt Lansiers of the Belgian Army in 1950; a vehicle of 5e Regiment  de Cuirassiers, used by the French Army in Indochina; and a vehicle HQ Squadron, 19th New Zealand Armoured Regiment as used in Italy in 1944

72504 – Humber Scout Car with full interior and engine – (Profi Pack) , with extra resin & brass parts.

72505 – Humber Scout Car Sharpshooters – (Special Edition)
(decals) for three Humber Scouts used by the Sharpshooters: That used by 4 CLY’s commanding officer, Lord Arthur Cranley at Villers-Bocage; One used by A Squadron, 3/4 CLY’s commander, Oliver Woods in the autumn of 1944; and the vehicle of 3/4 CLY’s commanding officer, Col Bill Rankin during the ‘Great Swan’ across France in August 1944.

All the boxes contains parts for Mk.I or Mk.II variants. Only 74504 it’s supposed to have extra different parts. All the other variants only differ in the decals included.



Decals for the other variants:

At the time of write this, 72504 code isn’t available yet.

Take an extra look at Ebay results below, to be sure you are purchasing the variant you want to purchase, as mixed results of all the versions are offered.

AccsGB - 72501-72502-72503-72504-72505 - Humber Scout Car for sale in Ebay:

15 results, showing 10.*Note that box can be different depend on the year of production, some times wrong products appear in the results, be aware.

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