Amodel produces their kits with the "short run" low pressure injection, which not always mean the crispy detail you may want. It means their kits are not recommended for beginners. In the other hand they produce nice and very big (as exclusive) 1/72 aircraft models.

Added: September 25, 2019

Amodel – 72026 – Space rocket Energia with Buran shuttle

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Space rocket Energia with Buran shuttle

Buran model length, mm: 505

Wingspan, mm: 330

Model width Energy, mm: 260

Model height, mm: 820

“Buran” is an orbital spacecraft-cosmoplan of the Soviet reusable transport space system (MTCS), created within the framework of the Energy-Buran program. One of the two space shuttle ships of the MTCS, the Buran, was a response to a similar American project, the Space Shuttle. His first and only space flight “Buran” made an unmanned mode on November 15, 1988.

The kit includes: 459 plastic parts

Main body for propulsor rockets, energy and buran are made of one single piece of fiber glass.

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