Revell – 5015 – German Submarine Type VII-C Wolf Pack

– Generally new mould
– 2 optional conning tower variants
– Can be built with or without net saw
– Finely detailed hull showing rivets and welds
– Imitation flood valves and vents
– Accurate representation of deck details
– Torpedo hatches optionally open or closed
– Movable stern rudder
– Detailed propellers
– Movable hydroplanes
– Periscope can be extended and retracted in various positions
– Detailed conning tower and bridge
– Detailed top side wall of conning tower with antennae, compass and hatch
– 2nd version of conning tower showing hydraulic antennae
– Detailed 20 mm AA gun on rotating mount
– Separate spray guard on top edge of conning tower
– Finely detailed 88 mm cannon with optical sighting and fire control equipment
– Optional side spray guard
– Boat hooks
– Net deflection antennae and insulators
– Display stands with different U-Boot numbers
– Yarn to make antennae
– Specific decals for various versions: U-552 (early and late version), U-69, U-82, U-203, U-253


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