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Revell – 05133 – German Submarine Type IX C/40

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German Submarine Type IX C/40
New code number 05133 for the 5114 – German Submarine TYPE IX C (U505 late).

German ocean-going type IX submarine in the C/40 version with fast diving fittings and snorkel.

– Moveable snorkel
– Fast diving hull
– Later version of the conning tower (larger glass bridge)
– Highly detailed hull rivet and welded plate detail
– Imitation flood vents and ports
– Faithfully reproduced deck detail
– Front and rear torpedo doors can be assembled in the open or closed positions
– Moveable ruder unit on the stern
– Fully detailed propellers
– Moveable diving planes
– Extendable periscope and antennae
– Fully detailed conning tower decks
– Fully detailed upper conning tower side-walls with antennas, compass and hatch
– Submarine net antennae and isolators
– Thread for the antennae
– Detailed 2cm and 3.7cm twin AA guns
– Display stands

Authentic decal set for following versions:
– German Submarine Type IX C/40, U190, 33. U-Flott, CO OL Reith, North Atlantic Sea, 1945
– German Submarine Type IX C/40, U190, RCN, Naval Base Avalon, St. Johns, Canada, 1945

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