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Merit Productions – MIL-67201 – Russian Navy OSA Class Missile Boat, OSA-1

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Russian Navy OSA Class Missile Boat, OSA-1
Latest Model Kit by Merit on the unusual OSA Class of Russian Missile Boats developed during the Cold War Era. Over 400 were built and served in many countries. The Missile Boats saw combat action during the Six Day War, Yom Kippur War, and Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. Our Model Kit has positional hatches with removable missiles. Model Kit has over 750 parts with metal chains, brass wire and lots of photo etched parts.

Giant Size of over 542 mm / 21 inches Long
Beam of 108mm / 4.25 inches
Multi-directional Slide-molded Bridge
Positional Missile Hatch
Detailed Radar Mast
Rotating Gun Turrets
Metal Chains, Brass Wire and Metal Shaft
Removable Missiles
Decals for Multiple Boats
Photo Etched Detailing Sheet x 2
22 Injection Molded Spruces
Over 750 Parts

67201 A-Unpainted Model

MIL 67201 1-35 RussianMissileBoat-SalesSheet_htm_2370a0ac

72 AOS 006


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