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Italeri – 1356 – AS.51 HORSA Mk.I with BRITISH PARATROOPS

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Well-know English glider able to transport more than 25 troops or a large amount of war material and supplies in its long fuselage. It took part in the main airborne landings of World War Two but its name is particularly connected to the two most famous ventures of the Allied airborne troops: the landing in Normandy and the attack to the Arnhem bridge in the Netherlands.

The most curious here, is that figures scheduled are the old ESCI hard plastic ones, set 8034 – World War II ‘Red Devils’ British Paratroopers instead of the soft plastic ones, ESCI – 208 – World War II British Paratroopers, a set already issued by Italeri as 6034 – World War II British Paratroopers.
So, as these figures issued here, haven’t been seen in a while, they are good news. Although new figures, should have been better news.

Italeri - 1356 - AS.51 HORSA Mk.I with BRITISH PARATROOPS for sale in Ebay:

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