Special Hobby – 72419 – Folland Gnat FR.1 Finnish Recce Fighter

Folland Gnat FR.1 Finnish Recce Fighter

The Folland Gnat fighter aircraft was operated mainly by the military of Finland and India. Two of the Finnish airframes were delivered in the Gnat FR.1 reconnaissance variety equipped with a set of cameras in the nose section. They were coded GN-112 and GN-113 and flew recon and mapping sorties.

They, however, retained their cannon armament and ability to fly in the fighter role, too.    

The model comes on three grey styrene sprues and two made of clear plastic. The decal sheet covers both Finnish recon machines. 

  • unusual and interesting variety of the Gnat
  • the decals offer a full set of stencils
  • wide variety of wing armament


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