RS Models – 92241 – Avia B-135

Avia B-135

3 decal variants

1. Avia B-135 – flown on 30th March, 1944 by Jordan Ferdinandov, Bulgaria
2. Avia B-135 – FVA Flugtechnische Versuchsanstalt Prag, Letnany 1940
3. Avia B-135 – Aviation school Dolna Mitropolya, Bulgaria, 1944

During the summer of 1939, ing. Novotný and his team initiated considerable re-design and refinement of the B.35, and a new prototype, the B-135, was completed late in the year. The fuselage of the B-135 was essentially similar to that of the B.35.3, the HS 12 Ycrs engine and armament of one 20 mm cannon and two 7,7 mm machine guns were retained, as was the hydraulically-retractable main undercarriage members of the B.35.3 prototype, but a controllable-pitch airscrew was introduced, the rudder was enlarged, and an entirely new wing of all-metal construction was fitted.


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