Morane Saulnier MS.410

4 decal variants

1. MS 410 C1 (MS-624), Srg. U. Jaakkola, 2/LeLv 28, Hirvas, March 1943
2. MS 410 C1 (MS-624), /No.1033/, Orly Airfield, France, June 1940
3. MS 406/410, I/LeLv 14, at Tiiksjärvi in Summer 1943, 2Lt. L., Kurten
4. MS 406/410, 3/LeLv 28, Ylik E.Alkio, Elokuu, hirvas, Finland 1942

The M.S. 410 was an attempt to improve the firepower of the Morane Saulnier M.S. 406. That aircraft was armed with two 7.5mm machine guns and one 20mm engine mounted cannon. The M.S. 410 doubled the number of wing mounted machine guns, and replaced the drum feed using in the M.S. 406 with a more efficient belt feed. M.S. 406 No. 1028 was used as the prototype, undergoing tests in January and February 1940. As a result of the tests, an order was placed to covert 500 existing M.S.


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