RS Models – 92163 – Bloch MB-152 Vichy

Bloch MB-152 Vichy

4 decal variants

1. MB-152, No. 349, 5e Esc. GCIII/9 S/Lt Boucher.
2. MB-152, No. 639, 4e Esc. GCII/8 Marseille – Marignane, France, 1942.
3. MB-152, No. 656, ex-aircraft Zd. Henneberg of DAT Chateauroux.
4. MB-152, Luftwaffe, 1941

The Bloch MB.152 proved the definitive production model with nearly 500 produced. This version was powered by a Gnome-Rhone 14N-25/-49 series air cooled radial piston engine outputting at 1,100 horsepower depending on fitting. This was coupled to a three-bladed variable fixed propeller assembly. The combination supplied the aircraft with a top speed of 316 miles per hour with a range of 370 miles and service ceiling of 32,800 feet


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