Fine Molds – FP39 – Japan Air Self-Defense Force Missile Set

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Japan Air Self-Defense Force Missile Set

Completely new mold for 2020.

A set of aviation missiles that are widely compatible with F-4 fighters and other Air Self-Defense Force fighters.

The set includes 90 type air-to-air guided bullets (AAM-3), 99 type air-to-air guided bullets (AAM-4), 04 type air-to-air guided bullets (AAM-5), Sparrow (AIM-7F), Sidewinder AIM-9E, AIM-9L, M, AIM-9P, Type 80 air-to-ship guided ammunition (ASM-1) and Type 93 air-to-ship guided ammunition (ASM-2)

9 types, 4 units each, 36 units in total.


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