Dragon – 5040 – F-5E Reconnaissance

F-5E Reconnaissance

– New-tooled nose for F-5E Recon
– Undercarriage comes with detail
– Left and right propeller blades created from different molds
– Fuselage and booms engraved with fine panel lines
– Photo-etched parts to upgrade details
– Clear canopy and cabin with crisp details
– Cartograf decals offer accurate markings

The Lockheed P-38 Lightning is notable for being the only American fighter to remain in production throughout the duration of WWII, from Pearl Harbor to VJ Day. Perhaps the most successful theater for this twin-boom fighter was in the Pacific, and indeed the USA’s top ace, Richard Bong, earned 40 victories in a P-38 Lightning. The P-38 performed a number of roles, one of them being reconnaissance.


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