Dragon – 5028 – Ki-61 Hien Type 3 “Tony”, Imperial Japanese Army Fighter

Ki-61 Hien Type 3 “Tony”, Imperial Japanese Army Fighter
(3 in 1) w/new tooling

– New propellers
– Modified undercarriage
– New MGs for the HEI type
– New bulge MG cover for the HEI type
– New engine cowling cover for the KOH type
– Photo-etched parts for upgrading fine details
– Cartograf decals for each of the different versions

The Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (“Swallow”) was a distinct departure from existing Japanese WWII fighter aircraft, with its liquid-cooled in-line engine (rather than the more common air-cooled radials). In fact, when the Allies first encountered the Ki-61 during combat in New Guinea in the spring of 1943, they thought it was a German or Italian design! This was why it received the nickname “Tony”, short for “Antonio”. Its speed and power initially caused concern for Allied pilots, but by the end of WWII it was truly outclassed, even though some continued to soldier on with the IJA.


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