Clear Prop – 72004 – Tu-143 Reys (ADVANCED KIT)

Tu-143 Reys

This kit is designed for advanced modellers. It is fully equipped with various accessories that
will help you to improve the final result – to create a copy of this unmanned reconnaissance
aircraft that will repeat the original as much as possible.

There are 3 versions of model assembling:
1) in flight with a JATO booster on display stand;
2) on the chassis;
3) on the transporting cart
In any of these three options, you can use either the nose equipped with the film cameras or TV
cameras payload of your choice.

Markings are provided for four different schemes.

  • · Ukrainian Air Force, 2012
  • · Russian Air Force, early 2000s
  • · Czechoslovak Air Force, 1990s
  • · Romanian Air Force, late 1990s


  • plastic parts – 55
  • photo etched parts – 5
  • brass parts – 1

Length: 112 mm
Wingspan: 31.3 mm


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