Arma Hobby – 70029 – Yak-1b in Allied Service (Limited Edition)

Yak-1b in Allied Service
(Limited Edition)

One single kit, no PE or resin parts.

  • Plastic parts (metal tools)
  • Decals with four markings options

Colours and markings

  • Yak-1b, No.: 12181/12, 1st Fighter Aviation Regiment  “Warszawa”, pilot Cpt. Oleg Matvieyev, 1944/45
  • Yak-1b, No.: 23, squadron GC3 “Normandie” Monostyrshchinaairfield, October 1943
  • Yak-1b, No.: 33, squadron GC3 “Normandie”, Khatyenki airflied, July1943, pilot Noel Castelain
  • Yak-1b, No.: 16173/34, 112 Fighter Regiment, Yugoslavia, May 1945
Decals detail.


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