Arma Hobby – 70027 – Yakovlev Yak-1b (Expert Set)

Yakovlev Yak-1b
(Expert Set)

  • New plastic parts (metal molds)
  • Large decal with many markings options and two sets of stencils/control panel included
  • Photo-etched parts
  • Canopy and wheel masks

Colours and markings schemes

  • Yak-1b, No. 4, 1 squadron, 1 Fighter Aviation Regiment, W/O Edward Chromy, Zadybie Stare, lato 1944 r.
  • Yak-1b, No. 13, 2 squadron, 1 Fighter Aviation Regiment, „ От польского патриота проф. Вольф-Мессинга польскому летчику”, F/SGT Hugo O’Brien, Operation Berlin 1945.
  • Yak-1b, No. 2, 148 IAP, „Сталинскому соколу Леониду Смирнову от трудящихся Фрунзенского района г. Саратова”. Aeroplane flown by Regiment CO, Capt. Leonid Smirnov. After his death flown by Ltn. Mikhail Shkomplektov, who has mistakenly landed on German airbase in  Anapa on 11 May 1943.
  • Yak-1b, „Сталинскому соколу Леониду Смирнову от трудящихся Фрунзенского района г. Саратова” in German markings. Probably in Erprobungsstelle Rechlin on Autumn 1943.
  • Yak-1b, No. 26, 31 GIAP, „Лётчику Сталинградского фронта Гвардии Майору тов. Ерёмину от колхозника колхоза «Стахановец» тов. Головатова”, major Boris Yeryomin , Solodovka, Stalingrad Front, December 1942 r.
  • Yak-1b, No. 6, GC3 Normandie, Albert Durand, Khatenki, Summer 1943.


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