Arma Hobby – 70017 – PZL P.11c ‘Kresy’ (Model Kit/Junior Set)

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PZL P.11c ‘Kresy’
(Model Kit/Junior Set)

Set contains

  • plastic parts – new tool, metal moulds
  • Techmod decals with four marking options 1938-1939
  • small photoetched fret with the most important minute details

Colours and markings of the PZL P.11c Model Kit

  • PZL P.11c, 161 Fighter Squadron from Lvov, Spring 1939, pilot Ltn. Jan Dzwonek. Aeroplane with unofficial new squadron emblem design (turkey) painted on starboard fuselage side. The emblem was painted by the pilot during duty in the Border Protection Corps (K.O.P.) outpost in Sarny (Volhynia) during Spring 1939.
  • PZL P.11c, 161 Fighter Squadron from Lvov, August-Septmeber 1939, pilot Ltn. Jan Dzwonek. After return from the outpost K.O.P. insignia an stripes on the wing were overpainted with fresh paint. The aeroplane took part in series of aerial combats on 2nd September 1939 South of Łódź. Pilot claimed ½ Hs 126. Then he was shot down by Bf 110 and badly wounded.
  • PZL P.11c, 161 Fighter Squadron from Lvov,
  • Lubitów Airfield near Kowel, Volhynia Field Exercises, August 1938.
  • PZL P.11c, 152 Fighter Squadron from Wilno, September 1939. Aeroplane piloted by Cpl. Antoni Joda was damaged by Flak during reconnaissance mission and destroyed during forced landing at Zegrze on 10 September 1939.


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