Arma Hobby – 70005 – PZL P.7a (Deluxe Set)

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PZL P.7a
(Deluxe Set)

 Deluxe set contains:

  • Two plastic model kits
  • Two photo etched sets
  • Two canopy and wheel masks
  • Resin wheels – set of Dunlop and set of Stomil
  • Decals by Cartograf for 8 markings options

Marking options

  1. PZL P.7a, 123. Fighter Squadron from Cracow. For participation in P.7a airplane testing the unit has been granted right to use PZL factory symbol as a unit marking. In 1939 the squadron became part of the Warsaw Pursuit Brigade. On September 1 the squadron commander, Capt. Mieczysław Olszewski has has fought and died in this aircraft.
  2. PZL P.7a, 162. Fighter Squadron from Lwów. In 1939 the unit took part in the battles as a part of the Łódź Army. Damaged airplane has been transported towed by a truck and was lost during attack of German saboteurs on September 6, 1939.
  3. PZL P.7a, the Scoala de Perfectionare (Advanced Flying School), Romanian Air Force, November 1940. Aircraft from 123. Squadron evacuated to Romania by Cpl. pilot Eugeniusz Nowakiewicz after September 17, 1939.
    Note: Polish asymmetrical insignia and under-wing codes overpainted with brighter shade
  4. PZL P.7a, one of the machines captured by the Germans in Dęblin aviation school airfields. Plane repainted in German colors and used for training. There are two versions: with white and green spinner.
  5. PZL P.7a, 132. Fighter Squadron from Poznań. Markings for the mid 1930’s military manouvers applied with white removable paint.
  6. PZL P.7a, aircraft of commander of Toruń III/4 Fighter Wing Capt. pil. Leopold Pamuła with the marking of the 141. Fighter Squadron, which Pamuła commanded before promotion for the Squadron command.
  7. PZL P.7a, 122. Fighter Squadron, Cracow. Markings from 1933-36. On this planeCpl. pil. Karol Pniak from the aerobatic “Bajan Trio” took part in an impressive in flight photo ssession and in many air shows.
  8. PZL P.7a, Kościuszko 111. Fighter Squadron, Warsaw 1933-35

Decals, PE parts detail and Markings:


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