Sword – 172190 – Peleliu Island Mud Trenches

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As you can see in the picture this box is based in the Waterloo 1815 U.S. Marines box, some selected poses haven included in resin bases and then cast in one piece. There are 5 bases with 11 figures moulded in.
In a first sight some bases looks better than others, and overall we are not fans of this kind of work, figures already moulded on bases could give us some matter for paint work, and in this concrete case, we think is a better idea to develop the bases and said that they are specially designed to fit the Waterloo 1815 set (with freedom for the user to use it in any other theatre).
Any way, some of the bases can do a nice game item.
As far as we know, Waterloo 1815 is licensing such kind of work by Sword.



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