Sword – 172123 – Monte Cassino Ruins Part.2


Well, this is one of those difficult to understand boxes by Sword, one side, you get an excellent resin piece, with a long range of uses, and in the other, you get a plastic Panther tank, Barb wired and two MG’s bunkers.
The quality of these three items is quite poor, taking care of the large number of Panther tanks in the market this one is in a poor place, and the other two items seems to be nothing special too. The MG’s bunkers have been seen in others BUM, Sword or Pobeda (Victory) boxes.
What can we said, the resin ruin is a very good and desirable piece, which together with the one included in the Sword 172122 box build a very large and nice resin ruin as picture shows, but the rest of the set have a doubtful quality.



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