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Italeri – 6170 – Japanese Infantry

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Japanese Infantry

Italeri bring us back another ESCI oldie, this time the World War II Japanese Infantry set. It comes exactly the same as left us many years ago, with 50 figures in 15 poses, lights and shadows. As was usually on the time, the MG and the mortar came without loaders, in strange poses and moulded together, which is not the best of the set, among with some dull poses.
This is the year of the Japanese troops, Revell has reissued the Matchbox set, and also their own set, so you have three different sets available (Plus the several Waterloo 1815 sets) and the forthcoming RedBox issues for the subject. Most of them are very compatible, around 23mm, although the most modern, the Waterloo ones, are sightly bigger, and the supporting 70mm set, also issued by Italeri, are quite bigger, a big odd. About the RedBox size we haven’t reference, by taking care of today standards probably they will be some bigger. To see all the sets, take a look here.




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