HäT – 8333 – American Civil War Infantry set sampler

American Civil War Infantry set sampler

This sampler box contains 1 sprue of each of the follow sets:

It worth it to mention, that the original box art, will not be unknown to the Spanish customers, as it emulates the well known Montaplex paper bags of soldiers issued from the 70s till 90s, containing in most of the cases copies of Airfix or Atlantic. Read our About Us page, to learn what it means for us.

Hät not only emulated the design style, but also named is as Hataplex a clear reference to Montaplex, and even draw the space where the price used to come, in “pesetas”, abbreviated as ptas, the official Spanish currency till the Euro arrived, and title is in Spanish language too.

If you want to learn more about the Montaplex history, we recommend http://www.sobresmontaplex.es/ (Spanish language)


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