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Dark Dream Studio – 72003 – Pilots of the First World War

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Pilots of the First World War

This unusual subject is quite well covered here by DDS, the box contains 48 figures in 24 poses, you get twice of each.
The contend is detailed as follow:

1. Armourer loading plane with bagged steel arrows
2. Pilot smoking
3. Pilot sitting in the cockpit
4. Pilot greeting his comrade with victory
5. Rene Fonck
6. Pilot explaining the tactics of a fight
7. Mechanic lifting the plane’s tail
8. Pilot receiving the flight mission
9. Pilot sitting in the cockpit
10. Pilot climbing into the plane
11. Ernst Udet
12. Mechanic rotating the propeller
13. Pilot making a gesture to the enemy
14. Officer in parade dress
15. Pilot after the flight
16. Pilot sitting in the cockpit
17. Pilot standing
18. Armourer with a 100-pound bomb
Great Britain
19. Pilot dropping a 5-pound gas bomb
20. Pilot firing
21. Girl visiting the airfield
22. Mechanic listening to the engine
23. Armourer with Lewis 7.71 machine gun
24. Pilot after the flight



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