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BUM – 72304 – Japanese Army 1890 – 1930 – Marines.

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Japanese Army 1890 – 1930 – Marines.

This is the main box of the batch for this topic, although they not content much more than the other boxes. The MG and the assistant have been seen in the artillery box, and for sure some of the marines’ figures are included in the FT-17 box. According to the description picture there are 12 figures in the box, one of them cast in a trench. It’s not much content for an infantry box. The mix offered by the three boxes make hard the task to built up an army to play, and taking care of the price of these boxes, expensive.
For our eyes, this is a missed chance to win the subject by this brand, they are better figures than the redBox one, but the way they are packet, is not the most correct for our taste.


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