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BUM – 5011 – Spanish Civil War – Legion

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Together with the Vickers MKII box, BUM re-release some figures for the “National” side in this box. In this box you get at least 30 figures in around 21 poses. The figures come from the boxes 5000 La Legion and 5100 Rif War 1920-1927. These was some of the most popular figures of the brand in the past, and even today, they are the only released in plastic for the Spanish Civil War conflict, as well as the sets released for the Republican side. The Spanish Civil War took more than 500.000 death men and was the anteroom for the World War II, both German and Russian try some of their techniques and armament here, but seems to be a forgotten conflict for the major 1/72 scale (and others) manufacturers. During the conflict the later fearsome Stukas made his first (infamous) Civilian strike at Gernika, the powerful 88mm was proved in direct fire against ground positions and the PzI proved their usefulness in battle, to cite some examples of the German presence in the war.


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