BUM – 2051 – Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Summer Uniform, Mounties at food and horse & chart.


BUM started some months ago a nice range for a never before featured subject, but a well know subject, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. While these guys have been very cinematographic, they weren’t released in our favorite scale, so this is a very nice addition by BUM.
The concrete set showed here shows the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in summer uniform with some extras, such fences and a chart. Figures included are 12 in 12 poses, 8 at foot and 4 at horse. The chart also includes 2 horses.

The set is included in a series,

2050 Royal Canadian Mounted Police- Parade and Yukon Uniforms
2051 Royal Canadian Mounted Police- Summer Service Uniform
2052 Royal Canadian Mounted Police- Winter Uniform
2053 Canadian Trappers – Summer
2054 Canadian Trappers – Winter
2055 Trampers

All the sets above will be listed here very soon and have been already released by BUM.

All the figures and extras are supplied unpainted.

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