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BUM – 2030 – French Vauban Camp

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French Vauban Camp

Well, we received the email advising about the new batch of releases by the BUM brands, and we have left for the end the most interesting set to our eyes. The resin piece included in this box is so impressive that it needs two boxes !!!

Taking a look at the pictures we see some well know figures, which have been seen in other boxes, some of them from the Spanish Succession War range, as the guns included. We have some of this figures in our stash, some are valuable, and some not, and the too delicate material used for cast can be a problem for some of the small parts.

But this is not the interesting of the box, the most interesting is the resin piece included on it. It come in 3 parts, which join together to built up an interesting redoubt. As far as we seen it’s capable to have 3 artillery pieces, and seems to be enough for a well amount of soldiers. A very interesting piece to built up a central part of a game, a nice big dio or so. Although pictures are showing the master, for sure cast quality is not a problem for this piece. We own several resin bases by the brand, and except one, done in the green soft material used in some figures, the rest are cast in a hard resin, good enough.
We like this part of the work of the brand (and associates), even we have suggested to the owner to start a resin accessory line, as other brands do, instead of mix and remix this items with figures, vehicles, and some times, other kinds of stuff. They also have interesting figures boxes, but too much times you see the same figures from box to box, and price of the boxes is not specially cheap…
Well, we can’t do nothing about this, the special idiosyncrasy of the brand make them special, for the good and the bad news. While we continue receiving info about the boxes, we will keep it going and listing them.


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