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BUM – 0198 – Horch 830 Radio Operator

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Well, sometimes is a mistery or a hard task know which are inside a BUM box, now the brand itself is supporting us sending detailed information about each set contents, so we will be resuming BUM,SWORD(Metch) and POBEDA(Victory) ranges.

The Horch 830 Radio operator box haves a nice bunch of parts inside. Probably the most noticeable is the Horch car, casted in one resin piece, technique used by several games manufacturers and usual in small scales such 1/100. The piece is reasonably well casted for a gaming standard, so it’s a nice an useful piece.
The telegraphs poles and the operators are also BUM manufactured and are a nice addition, poles seems to be enough tall to be true 1/72 scale, usually we used stuff from rail modelers for this subject, but they are some smaller, so these are very welcome. Figures are reasonably good and useful.
Plus this, the box also haves 8 figures by Caesar, from the H006 WWII Underground Resisters (Partisans).
Note that actually, according to our sources, Caesar is legally licensing this repack of their work.

This set is a new release which will be very soon available.


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