Revell – 04389 – Shelter & Ground Plate


Shelter & Ground Plate
The Shelter or as it is refereed to within NATO the HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) is officially an aircraft protection unit built with thick reinforced concrete walls for a single fighter aircraft. The one shown here is a second generation shelter and was built prolifically in the 1970’s. The Shelters are located on all airfields that deploy combat aircraft and have the task of protecting aircraft on the ground against direct hits. The whole of the concrete building and its associated steel doors are designed to withstand the pressure wave of an explosion. The semi-circular design reflects the level of knowledge about the best static strength for protective structures at the time. The method of arrangement differs from airfield to airfield but is usually an arrangement of several loops.

Model Features:

Three-piece base with authentic structuring
Shelter walls with ripple effect
Front doors can be mounted in various positions
Control panel with instrumentation and power unit
Ventilation duct
Exhaust vent tract
4 exhaust diffusers
2 racks for external loads
Coloured decal set with signs for the shelter and base plate


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