Max Factory – Combat Armors: MAX 04 – Soltic H8-RF Korchima Special

Soltic H8-RF Korchima Special

A superior version of the Roundfacer, upgraded by Korchima’s Engineers with all new parts.

From the anime series ‘Fang of the Sun Dougram’ comes the 24th Battalion’s Soltic H8-RF ‘Korchima Special’ combat armor!

  • Snap-fit connections. Glue is not required for assembly.
  • Each joint makes use of a poly-cap, allowing for smooth and easy posing of the finished product.
  • The cockpit canopy comes as a prepainted frame canopy, popular with the Dougram release.
  • The kit includes the Korchima Specials weapons – the Hand Linear Gun and Turbozack.
  • The various markings on the Korchima Special are included as water-application decals.
  • The box art features illustrations by Hidetaka Tenjin.


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