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Added: June 22, 2018

Asuka Model – TACTG2SP – Akuyaku #1

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Akuyaku #1
This long-barrelled version of the Akuyaku #1 tank as designed by Hayao Miyazaki comes with an additional three pig crew members! The turret can swivel, the tracks can move, and there’s a background sheet for photography purposes printed inside the box lid! Flexible tracks are included too.

*Be aware because the short barreled version kit also appear mixed in the results. Also different packages can contains or not the 3 extra pigs crew. So ask seller in case of doubt. Is hard for us translate from Japanese and have a clear description of each package.

Asuka Model - TACTG2SP - Akuyaku #1 for sale in Ebay:

3 results, showing 3.*Note that box can be different depend on the year of production, some times wrong products appear in the results, be aware.

IMPORTANT: Note that all the responsibility about the items are of the seller, we provide results from Ebay sellers, but we don't directly sold anything. Ebay and Paypal protect you against fraudulent sellers. We try to make our provided results as much accurate as we can, but second hand sets, incomplete sets, or different sets can be listed here, so check the product in Ebay prior to purchase, ask the seller if you have any doubt, and don't buy if you haven't 100% confidence.

Hayao Miyazaki Daydream Data Notes AKUYAKU #1 FIGURE SET 1/72 TASCA MODEL KIT


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Shipping to: Worldwide
From: JP-Japan
Store: goboystore

Time Left: 2 days 7 h 37 m 12 s

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ASUKA MODEL Akuyaku No.1 W/Crew Plastic Model Kit Hayao Miyazaki Japan New


Payment: PayPal
Shipping to: Worldwide
From: JP-Japan
Store: K.Z.M Store

Time Left: 6 days 23 h 45 m 59 s

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