Pegasus 7204 German Mortar Teams (Granatwerfer)

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Pegasus 7204 German Mortar Teams (Granatwerfer)

5 Mortar
2 x 120mm Heavy Mortar Granatwerfer 42
3 x 80mm Medium Mortar Granatwerfer 34

23 Figuras, 13 poses.

+Some munitions crates.

Pegasus German Mortar Teams

A great set, all the poses fit well his task, in a close interaction with mortar or between them. The figures have some separate parts, like harms, some head, etc. All parts fit well.
Almost are the figures are unique, although the poses are twice, the figures have different equipment on back. I also have added some Kar-98k rifles and two MP40 to complete the figures.
A very well done set, which cover the subject and fits perfectly war-gaming needs. His competitor from Armourfast hasn’t so hight quality on sculpture.
The 81mm mortar was used along all the war. The 120mm was a copy from Russian’s one , and was developed during 1942.
Added to the mortar crews, which are completes for each mortar, there are a radio team, in great poses, and an officer.

For reference and/or inspiration take a look at

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