1/72 Accurate 7204 American Civil War Artillery Team

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1/72 Accurate 7204 American Civil War Artillery Team

A complete review can be found, as always at PlasticSoldierReview.
Set haves 18 figures, two guns and two limber with eight horses. I reserved one officer figure, and also just put one horse rider in the limber, as both are the same figure (Figure also present on Imex confederate artillery set, which is done by the same sculptor, i think). Also, i just painted one limber.

This set, also issued by Revell, is intended for both, union and confederate armies, although they look more confederates for me.
Bases are from Warbases.co.uk and i pretend use them for two big armies for both sides.

Accurate ACW sets have one thing i like, proportion of the figures aren’t always the same, which looks more natural, as real life. an example, one of the seated figures on the limber, is clearly an old men, with belly 🙂 ! and gun crew also are men from different sizes.
By the way the set have some flash, but the worst is the lack of detail on some important areas as faces. In general, details isn’t quite depth, so after prime it’s difficult to see all, not good for a wash + dry bush technique.

Light grey is not an easy colour for me, but this time i’m gladded with result.

Base colour is Citadel “Fortress Grey”, washed with diluted black, and then, dry bush with “Fortress Grey” +White.

This is the first step to built two armies, to play with “Fire & Fury” and “American Civil War Battles” rules. So this year many ACW items will be show here.


  • One thing this set is not is “Accurate” by any means! The guns are far to small to be anything fielded by the Union or Confederate armies and are far closer in scale to the little 3pdr infantry pieces of the 1770’s. The fact that a kneeling cannoneer is included makes this obvious, because there is no way one could serve a Civil War field piece from that position.

    The seated “limber riders” are a fantasy too as the crew marched alongside the pieces: riding an unsprung ammunition cart on anything other than perfectly flat level ground at a walk was suicidal

    • Jose-Manuel Chasco says:

      Thanks for the comment Stuart. Seems you just forget that Accurate is just the name of the brand which made these figures, but good points about the Guns size. Dont forget too they are just wargames pieces, not an history lesson.

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