Bolt Action Plastic range added to listings.

We have added all the Plastic range for Bolt Action game by Warlord Games. 28 boxes in two categories, 28mm figures and 28mm vehicles. We hope to haven’t missed any reference. Now evaluating the possibility to list also metal boxed sets. Rate this Kit: Mould Accuracy Detail

Italeri 28mm (1/56) Range added.

Well, some weeks ago, Italeri started to collaborate with Warlord Games, issuing first a Sherman 1/56 plastic model and then a Panther. By other side, Italeri started to re-box some of the plastic infantry sets released by Warlord Games. We have added now those products, so you can compare what you get in a Rubicon […]

“Massive Update”, New Brand & New Contribution.

Although it was not our intention to keep up to date “Planet Models” range, as long time ago we decided to don’t include resin manufactures, we took the occasion to show the work by Raúl Belenguer updating all the range, and adding his beautiful vignette for the strange Skoda PA.II (Turtle). Don’t miss it. Also […]

Brand Profiline added to listings and more product updates.

We have added today Profiline brand to our listing. They are producing by now only four models, which all are variants of the Steyr 1500 truck, so if you are looking for this one, maybe this is your brand. Also we filled some gaps in our 1/72 Vehicles listing, in Model Collect range, Dragon, with […]

Brand Information: Best Preis

Best Preis In some online stores there are appearing cheap 1/72 scale models under brand “Best Preis”. Model under this label are actually Armourfast models. Seems that this repack is done under license of Armourfast. Take care that this boxes only contains one model, not two as usual on Armourfast ones.So if you need one […]

Zvezda Preview. Russian Infantry for Borodino 1812.

We have some pictures of the forthcoming small box for Napoleonic period, covering Russian Infantry at Borodino battle, 1812. Again is an update for their game system. According to what we see in the pictures they are six figures in 4 different poses. Rate this Kit: Mould Accuracy Detail

More Contributions and products update.

Hello Folks, We have added new pictures from a contribution by Raúl Belenguer, hitting this time First to First range with two nice models. They are TKS (20mm) and WZ 34 II. Don’t miss his nice work, and soon to follow a couple more contributions by his side, so stay tuned. In product pages you […]

New Contributor, Panzer Machine by Mariusza Kornatka.

New Contributor Hi folks, a talented modeller from Poland, Mariusza Kornatka, is contributing with his nice models to improve our database section. By now we have added two models, they are UM – 381 – Sherman Medium tank and the well know Airfix Panther (It haves so much improvements by Mariusza Kornatka so it’s hard […]

1/72 Figures: Forthcoming Caesar Releases

According to our sources, Caesar is ready to launch the following sets: H078 German Infantry Tank Riders -Winter Set.1 (WWII) H079 German Infantry Tank Riders -Winter Set.2/Greatcoat (WWII) H080 German Half-Track Riders (WWII) HF107 Lizardmen Warriors HF108 Ratmen HF109 Orc Warriors Set 2 HF110 Undead Camp: Zombies SF004 Modern Zombies Seems that Fantasy subjects are […]

Keil Kraft Plastic listing added to site.

We have update the site including all the listing by Keil Kraft Plastic (Except the two planes they released in plastic 1/72) Keil Kraft had a beautiful civilian range, very exclusive in the 1/72 scale. Unfortunatly they are hard to find those days, even if several other brands released their products, such ScanKit, Hales or […]

Contributions updated.

We have added several contribution pictures by the Spanish modeller Raúl Belenguer Barrionuevo, a new friend, member of the Spanish forum “1:72 El foro” a great place for Spanish Language modellers specially but not only in 1/72 scale. The updated models are: Dragon – 7422 – Heavy Uniform Personnel Vehicle Type 40 + 2cm FlaK […]

Fresh News…

Great news by The Red Box… Red Box showed two days ago 3 new sets, one Light Alliance fantasy Dwarves set, and two new sets for late XVI Century, covering Landsknechts & Swiss, two new fantastic sets by a brand which each day like us more and more. This new sets also have a very […]

August News V.

Hi there, Our last batch of updates is ready. Our current manufacturer list in the 1/35 scale sections are up to date. All the brands, ICM, Master Box, Mini Art and Zvezda have been updated, being ICM the one with more new products, including three dedicated to the Great War, or World War I as […]

August News IV.

Hi folks, Fourth main update have been done. This time we have completed our 28mm section, with a big boost to ancient warfare. It have been performed by two well know brands, by one side Victrix boosting Republic Roman armies, with 3 new sets (and more in the pipeline). They are: VXA009 – Rome’s Italalian […]

August News III.

Hi folks. Our 1/72 vehicles section seems to be up to date now. There have been lots of new models past tow months. More important updates are as follow. By number of new models, the winner is S-Model !! Chinese brand bring us 6 new models as follow: 720140 – UE Chenilette 720152 – Ford […]

August News. II

Hi there, According to our sources, the 1/72 figure section is now up to date. Latest additions include sets from 12th Century BC to the Tolkien’s parallel universe as follow: Zvezda – Four new sets from their art of tactic range have been added (as well as one small Dingo in the 15mm section) 6220 […]

August News.

Hi Folks, slowly resuming updates on the database. After a long time without any update, first we have added the last Hät batch in the 1/72 figures category, another great boost to the Peninsular War within the Napoleonic Wars. This, together with the also quite recent Heller update, brings this conflict to the position it […]

June 2nd News

Hi there, After some days without update news section, here we go, reporting latest updates in the following categories, 15mm, 1/72 and 28mm. Still pending to add some 1/35 novelties for the brands we are currently keeping up to date. From small to bigger, the updates are: 15mm Scale Two “The Plastic Soldier Company” updates, […]

April 16th News.

Hello folks, We have been updating ICM listings in the 1/35 scale. Some nice and unusual additions there in the figures, vehicles and accessories sections. Some gaps filled in the Strelets range, 1/72 scale, with some nice additions. It’s a pity that only one (or few) manufacturer/s is/are doing efforts in some different directions, while […]

April 1st News…

Hi folks, Some updates have been done through the site since our last news reported on February. To mention some of them in the 1/72 scale, point your view to the new Italeri playsets, seems that Italeri rescued the old hard plastic figures moulds by ESCI, in addition to the recently released Nebelwerfer, the hard […]

Next First to Fight releases and more…

Recently First to Fight scheduled next releases in their range as follow: 6. Kfz 13 Adler 7. wz. 34 Machine Gun. 8. Panzer II Ausf. (C) 9. wz.II 34 – 37 mm 10. Panzer II Ausf. D. 11. Polish Infantry 12. German Infanry. The kfz 13, which was released past year by S-Model and previously […]

Airfix Update.

Hello Folks, for the last update of the Month, we have added now a well bunch of Airfix novelties for this 2014 year. Airfix updates can be resumed in three big bunches, one for the 100 years anniversary of the WWI start, which comprises several gift sets. Second for the 75 years anniversary of the […]

January 2014 Update.

Hello Folks, first news of the year. We have added a well know manufacturer to our 1/72 vehicles listing, it’s Heller. Why now ? well, it must be done long time ago, but was imperative now as the brand has announced and released his first original 1/72 set in a while, a new Sherman tank […]

S-Model last batch of the year 2013.

The last batch of releases for this year by S-Model is close to arrive to stores, ready for the Christmas season. They are 4 new models, all in the 2 in a box format, with the interesting mix of “quick built”/detailed sets offered by this brand. 720053 – Pz.Kpfw. MK-I 202(E) Scoutcar 720063 – JSU-122 […]

Dark Alliance – 4 new fantasy sets.

Good news for fantasy fans in the small scale, Dark Alliance is releasing 4 new sets, all dedicated to the “Dead Army”, split in heavy/light and infantry/cavalry. The 4 sets are: 72011 – Light Warriors of the Dead 72012 – Heavy Warriors of the Dead 72013 – Light Warriors of the Dead Cavalry 72014 – […]

Movember news…

A new batch by S-Model is arriving to stores, new for models, in a 2 per box format, with the usual good quality of the brand, a brand who is taking hearts of gamers and who is quickly expanding his range with a great variation of subjects. Their new releases are 720065 – ISU-152 Self […]

Master Box Ltd, now doing 1/72 scale sets.

Master Box Ltd, now doing 1/72 scale sets. Great news, Master Box Ltd, a well know manufacturer of 1/35 sets, is now doing 1/72 scale sets, and 2 new ones have been announced. They are code numbers 72001 and 72002, both are MK I World War I tanks, Male and Female versions, for the 1916 […]

Zvezda 1/35 Listings completed.

Our listings for Zvezda in the 1/35 Scale are complete now, we will try to keep up to date as all the other categories since now. They are split between Vehicles and Figures sections. Zvezda has focused his work in this scale around the Soviet army, although for the WWII era also German sets can […]

Updates & News. 18th September

Well, We just added the waited new Pegasus sets, as we announced, they are a boost for the soviet troops in the 1/72 scale. (Figures) Sets released as follow: Pegasus – 7224 – German Fallschirmjäger Pegasus – 7271 – WWII Russian Infantry in Greatcoats Pegasus – 7272 – WWII Russian Infantry in Winter Dress Set […]

Summer Time Ends.

Ok, we have not fulfilled the promises about a weekly update with the news in the market, but here we go with a brief summary about the past summer months, as this summer is now “close” to ends. The past month, July, have been a very prolific month, mostly in the 1/72 scale, as we […]