1/35 Scale listings updated.

As well as MiniArt listings, updated in the previous communication, all the other brands covered by us in this scale are now up to date. Zvezda add an interesting support vehicle, “Terminator” , the name says everything about this lethal machine. ICM, which usually update some models, only have a new item, product 35365 – […]

MiniArt 2015 Novelties

MiniArt spotted some weeks ago a lot of novelties for this 2015 year. Although they promise some more “secret” items by now the novelties’ list is as follow: 35145 BZ-38 REFUELLER 35156 GAZ-05-193 STAFF BUS 35160 GAZ-03-30 AMBULANCE 35164 GAZ-05-194 AMBULANCE 35169 Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. D 35172 U.S. MOTORCYCLE WLA w/RIDERS 35176 REST ON […]

28mm Listings Update

We have put to date our 28mm listings with 9 new sets mostly for WW2 by Warlord Games. Warlord Games WGBFI03 – Senegalese Tirailleurs Infantry section WGBFI02 – French Army Infantry section WGBWM507 – Stug III ausf G or StuH-42 WGBSTART19 – Soviet T34/76 platoon WGBRI501 – T34/76 medium tank WGBSTART19 – German Tiger Zug […]

Listings update…

Well, today, we did some interesting things… By one side, NINE new models (forthcoming), have been added in the Model Collect range, as follow. 72040 – E-50 Medium Tank with 105 gun 72038 – T-72 B3/B3M Main battle tank 2 in 1 72016 – BMP3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Early Version 72026 – T-80BVD Main Battle […]

Strelets massive update.

Strelets put on the stores 11 new sets, covering WWI, Napoleonic, Roman, and very interesting a new range for the American Revolutionary War 1812, started with a winter militia set. All the new kits as follow: 136 – Russian Army Sledge Train 2 134 – French Army Sledge Train 2 133 – French Army Sledge […]

1/72 Listings updated, ACE, UM, IBG and Zvezda Napoleonic

Past week was quite prolific, we have ten new kits in the 1/72 scale, vehicles and figure sections. Update on figures come by the hand of Zvezda, who finally has released 4 long waited Napoleonic small boxes. All of them are for the Borodino Battle period, covering the following topics: 6809 – Russian foot artillery […]

Contributions updated.

On the past days we have updated three new models with contributions by our staff modeller Leonid Postny. All are kits recently released, so they are very interesting. IBG – 72019 – Diamond T 972 Dump Truck you can see the blog entry here. The four Diamond T versions announced by IBG are now in […]

‘Massive’ Warlord Games and DreamForge Games Update plus some other.

Today DreamForge Games announced a lot of new products, some of them long time awaited, as the APC. Many of the new products are accessory sets not listed here, but we have added the following ones: 28mm Scale: Eisenkern Valkir Assault Trooper Eisenkern Valkir Support Trooper Eisenkern Valkir Heavy Trooper Eisenkern ‘Keilerkopf’ APC 15mm Scale: […]

Caesar Fantasy kits news. At the end.

Well, it was September 10th when we spotted those sets in a news. Since then, not much information appeared about those sets.. but at the end, 4 of them, have reached the stores. Now in our listings you can find: HF107 – Lizardmen Warriors HF108 – Ratmen HF110 – Undead Camp: Zombies SF004 – Modern […]

Zvezda preview and some other news.

Hi Folks. Seems that some Zvezda Napoleonic kits will see light sooner than expected. Some one even talking about late this month, so at least we can expect some of them for the first quarter of the year. While they are coming we have a preview image of the Russian Dragons. For sure the French […]

New Toxso Models update.

Toxso models, the Chinese brand who recently hit the market with the Scud-B kit is announcing some new releases for early this year, and this kits have been added to our listings. They are: 1407 – 10.5 cm sK.18 (With 5 crew men) 1405 – Military Tent 1406 – Modern Tent Useful kits that barracks, […]

Zvezda 2015 news.

Well, after the not so very good news by Revell and Airfix, time to go on the 2015 Catalogue by Zvezda, which opposite to previous spotted brands, bring us some new kits in the 1/72 scale, as well as in the 1/35 scale. The Russian version of the catalogue can be found here. It’s not […]

Revell 2015 news.

Hello everybody. We are come back from our well deserved holidays. Hope all these past days were fine for all, and you enjoyed a nice Christmas season. A few days ago Revell launched his newsletter, spotting some of the “novelties” expected for 2015 years. Disappointing level just some less than Airfix ones, as most of […]

Airfix 2015 Range – Available as Pre-Order.

Airfix announced today the availability of their 2015 range as pre-order. You can take a look here for more details. Regarding what is interesting for us, not much to say. Waterloo gift set available again, code A50174, which means a new code for the same old old old content. This new code will be listed […]

Italeri Re-issues.

Year is going on, almost finished. Some brands are re-scheduling some releases for next year, while other seems to be cleaning the stash, releasing all the pending ones and some others also making a lot of reissues to be available early next year. Italeri, who has surprised us late this year, releasing 3 new sets […]

More Updates… and exciting news…

Red Box has listed his new Artillery sets. Both Ottoman/Turkish kits, for 16th and 17th centuries respectively. Both sets seems to have same configuration, 2 guns and 16 crew men in 8 different poses. We spotted those sets several weeks ago, showing some masters and sprue test here, as you can see, two different guns […]

Zvezda, last batch of the year.

After many rumours, delays, speculations and so, Zvezda finally has released two small boxes for Napoleonic period. They are two classics, French Line Infantry and Russian Line Infantry, scheduled for Borodino times, 1812. Both boxes have the same format, contains 6 figures in 4 different poses. Figures are well detailed, some separate parts as usual […]

New models update.

A few new models have been added to our listings in past days. To appear very soon, S-Model bring us 4 new models as follow: 720087 – SdKfz.2 Kettenkrad with 3,7cm Pak36 720132 – M3A3 Light Tank 720142 – UE Chenilette (f) with 3,7cm pak36 720163 – SdKfz. 253 Le Beob Pz.Wg While Kettenkrad and […]

New 1/72 scale Star Wars plastic model kits & more.

Fantastic news for Star Wars & 1/72 scale fans. Bandai, who recently acquired rights to produce Star Wars related model kits, is very close to release the first two ones in 1/72 scale. They are probably two of the most iconic fighter of the Star Wars universe, by one side X-Wing fighter, already seen in […]

Toxso Model, new brand added to listings.

Toxo models, Kowloon, Hong Kong. A new Chinese manufactures hit the market of the 1/72 scale. They are starting strong, offering for the first time in injected plastic 1/72 scale, the iconic Scud-B Soviet missile launcher, Very famous by his threat in the firs Iraq war or Gulf War. By now we can confirm 4 […]

Airfix (bad) news.

Past Wednesday Airfix announced that scheduled sets for World War I in 1/72 scale, which should have been included some exciting new kits, have been cancelled. Sets affected are: A50144 WWI The First Assault Gift Set A50145 WWI Artillery Barrage Gift Set A50165 WWI Western Front (Trench Warfare) Gift Set Curiously all the remaining sets […]

Contributions & Blog update.

Contributions & Blog update. We have take care of past works by our staff modeller, Leonid Postny. A well bunch of very nice works have been added. Sample pictures have been added in the products page, where available, and all have been published also as entries in our blog section. The blog entries are added […]

Zvezda Preview – French Infatry 1812

Some new images of a Zvezda’s Napoleonic forthcoming set. They are French infantry. Note those are test casting, so maybe changes can be done prior to final release. Rate this Kit: Mould Accuracy Detail

1/72 Scale Fantasy Genre Boosted

1/72 Scale Fantasy Genre Boosted. The Fantasy Genre is close to get the big boost in a while, probably ever, by the two brands which more have work this subject. By one side Dark/Light Alliance, always working on the topic, is releasing three new sets for those called half-orcs, and they are the following references: […]

1/72 IBG Diamond T trucks close to hit stores.

The first two models by IBG for the Diamond T truck are very close to release. There are a total of 4 version scheduled by now. 2 first are: Diamond T 968 Cargo Truck Diamond T 972 Dump Truck Rate this Kit: Mould Accuracy Detail

Red Box Preview – (Ottoman) Artillery for XVI & XVII centuries.

Red Box Preview – Artillery for XVI & XVII centuries. Some images of the forthcoming artillery sets for XVI & XVII centuries have started to appear, and here they are: As these previews aren’t very good we have located some pictures of the masters for those figures: Some great news for period fans (as we […]

ESCI Serie 500. Adventures in History.

ESCI Serie 500. Adventures in History. Hello Friends, we need some help from the more enthusiastic (and some old) 1/72 fans. We have been listing today the fantastic 500 series by ESCI, Adventures in History. we have two problems, by one side, we lack on quality box pictures for 3 of the sets: 512 – […]

Pro Gloria Miniatures – Plastic Landsknecht Box (Indiegogo – Crowdfunding project)

Pro Gloria Miniatures, a German manufacturer established in year 2012, who have been working around Renaissance period, and more concretely mostly in Landsknecht soldiers, started yesterday a crowdfundig project at Indiegogo.com to release his first plastic injected box. A whole box dedicated to Landsknecht pole arms, such pikes or halberdiers & spears, with command frames. […]

Italeri News.

Together with the new figures set by the brand, in 1/72 scale, Italeri us releasing now two fast kits which were scheduled many years ago, around 1010-2011 if we aren’t wrong. The figure set, dedicated to (late) German Infantry in Winter costume, could have been a hit a few years ago, but today, you can […]

Armory Present his first Injected Plastic 1/72 Scale Model.

Great news, Armory, a brand better know for their Details sets for other brands, or Resin sets, it’s now producing his first 1/72 Injected Plastic AFV. It’s a trully beast, a Löwe, one of the best know paper panzer. The box haves a high quality package and includes PE parts for detail as well as […]