January 19th, First update of the year 2020.

Hello Folks. Two major listing have been added since we wrote our last “updates” news in December. Firstly we added to our Aircrafts and Helicopters sections, a manufacturer well known by reissue other brands kits, and that’s the reason to add it, it’s another choice to find some gone kits from manufacturers like Revell, Italeri […]

Dec 24th Update. Merry Christmas.

Hello folks. This is our last update for the year. We have been collecting several kits appeared in the past weeks, or to appear in the next weeks, as follows: HäT – 8339 – EL CID MOORISH CAVALRY SAMPLERIBG – 72524 – PZL P.24G in Greek ServiceIBG – 72073 – V3000S/SS M Maultier German HalftrackFujimi […]

Nov. 18th Updates.

Last days we have been adding another aircraft manufacturer for Czech Republic, AZ Model. It’s probably the manufacturer with more Messerschmitt Bf 109 variants. In the odd side, they also works in the short run technology side, which means that their kits are not beginners but experienced modellers. Also they don’t have a widespread distribution, […]

Nov.11 Updates.

Just added to Aircraft listings, mostly Military Aircraft, RS Models, a Czech manufacturer who also work in the short run technologies. Their kits are usually completed with PE parts and some Resin parts. It’s quite difficult for us provide accurate results for this brand, since when they release a variant with just different decals for […]

November 1st Updates.

Hello all, since past update report we added to our listings following things:As announced:A&A Models Modelsvit(We are pushing to find a good reference to add Amodels, but we are not being very successful at the moment)And just today we finished with Trumpeter. Not much more in the other categories, a small new ACE kit ACE – […]

Past week updates and sad news.

During past days we did another boost on the Aircraft related sections , and the following brands have been added: Eduard (We also take the occasion to add a couple of figure sets and vehicles by the brand)ModelCollect  (And its big planes, like their B-52 line)Meng and their only 4 nice kits in 1/72 scale.SOVA-M […]

Aircraft Madness Continues..

Past days we just added four new manufactures to our “new” aircraft listings. They are: Special Hobby And its sister’s brands: FRROMAzurMPM Production All these brands share the taste for detail and unusual planes. You can find some well known planes in their listings, but also you will find tons of “minor” aircrafts, unusual markings […]

October’s Madness.

Well… Finally.. We Started to collect 1/72 Aircraft Listings.. for both Military & Commercial, as well as Helicopters. It’s probably the most wide-spread subject in 1/72 scale, an unaffordable world by itself. Saying this, by now, we don’t have plans to back update these categories with past things (for example we’ll not add ESCI), just […]

Recent updates

On the past days we added several new kits to our listings. Starting with the well known MPC Space 1999 range in “1/72” scale. The reason to add these old kits is that a new tooled one, and true 1/72 scale is coming soon, the MPC913 – Space 1999 Eagle Transporter will bring to life […]

ESCI Combination Boxes added for Collectors and Nostalgic.

Well as promised past week, we have been adding the ESCI 8600 series, combination boxes of a scale model and a figures set. They are quite old boxes, late 80’s, and they are hard to find nowadays, and depending on the conservation state, and who sold them, they can be quite expensive. Most of the […]

Revell Combination Boxes added for Collectors and Nostalgic.

This week we have been adding all the Revell combination boxes, mostly launched in the mid 90’s ahead, with a few exceptions which could enter in this sub-category launched later. The original series comprises code numbers from 03150 to 03165 and always contains one scale model and one figure set. All the boxes are labeled […]

August 2019 site update.

For more than a year site was unattended and without updates. List again all the novelties happen during this time have been a hard job, mostly because most of the brands have very bad websites, poor information, re-issues, re-boxes, minor updates, changing code numbers. During past days we added back 334 new kits, mostly releases […]

New Rubicon Models batch.

Rubicon models is doing well, very well. A new batch of releases will hit stores soon, very soon, as distribution seems to be started or close to start. They bring us 6 new models, plenty full of options and variants, giving a plus to their models. Started not much ago, they already have a very […]

ESCI 1/72 Vehicle listing.

It took to us more time than expected, this was a big gap since we started this site, but now it’s done. All the 1/72 scale vehicles by ESCI are now in our listings. ESCI released 80 different kits during his life (although some of them reusing parts), but none of his series contained all […]

Battlefront Miniatures (Flames of War) Plastic Miniatures added to listings.

Today we added all the Battlefront Miniatures (Flames of War) plastic miniatures to our 15mm listings, respectively in two new categories under vehicles and figures sections. Flames of War is probably the most popular World War II game in 15mm. They also host game rules (and miniatures) for Vietnam, The Great War (WWI) and the […]

IBG (announcements) Toldi, Hungarian Light Tank.

IBG models form Poland is close to release 4 new 1/72 kits, depicting all the existing variants of the Toldi Hungarian light tank. IBG – 72027 – Toldi I – Hungarian Light Tank IBG – 72028 – Toldi II – Hungarian Light Tank IBG – 72029 – Toldi II a – Hungarian Light Tank IBG […]

Listings up to date.

After our well deserved holidays during July, all the listings are now up to date. The big part of the update was for 1/72 scale, where we cover more brands, but all areas have been updated, and since our last report, we have added IBG to the 1/35 listings. On the 1/72 scale, together with […]

Red Box Massive Update.

Red Box strikes again the XVI / XVII centuries, as well as continues their War of The Roses range, releasing 8 new sets as follows: Red Box – 72077 – Jinetes. 16th century. Set 2 Red Box – 72075 – Stradioti. 16th century. Set 2 Red Box – 72076 – Jinetes. 16th century. Set 1 […]

Special contribution.

We want to say a big thanks to Mr. Sebastiaan Fluitsma from Holand, who kindly attended our demand of help with ESCI 500 series, and also provided us a very valuable information about the Zvezda play sets. As results of his help, we have added images to all the ESCI 500 series, and this historic […]

More updates..

Our 1/35 brands are now up to date. Master Box present a new and very interesting box, containing 6 pin-up girls in a 40’s & 50’s fashion look. Also a new box with his bicycle, this time with a Volkssturm figure. Mini Art launched three new sets during our absence. MiniArt – 35168 – U.S. […]

New batch of products added.

After a few weeks away, we are resuming now all the novelties on this time, and they are a well bunch. By now we have up to date our 1/72 Scale and 28mm Scale section, to follow next days with the 1/35 Scale. Starting with 28mm Scale, Warlord Games continues re-structuring his range, this time […]

Zvezda new batch announced.

Zvezda is close to release 3 new models in the 1/72 scale, including a full kit for a T-90 tank, a quite popular topic lately with the work of brands such Model Collect. The other two kits are two AT guns, ZIS-3 and Pak-40 respectively, within their “Art of Tactic” range. Small boxes with a […]

28mm Listings.

28mm Listings updated and reorder. We have been updating our 28mm listings, and finally decided to split a new category under the main 28mm ones, to allocate all buildings and plastic accessory kits of our scoped brands. We will work on this category on following days. Also we have added some new/missed products as follow: […]

1/72 Scale Listings up to date. 30 new references added.

Yesterday we did our homework and 1/72 scale listings are up to date. Many of the sets added yesterday are still announces or forthcoming sets, although some of them are missed ones, already in the stores, or very close to be released. From more to less kits updated the brands are as follows: Red Box […]

Red Box and Associated brands.

A huge list of new boxes by Red Box, Dark/Light Alliance and Orion is being spotted in some Russian forums. They work as follows Alliance (Fantasy) ALL72020 Amazons ALL72021 Mounted Amazons ALL72022 Half-orcs set4 ALL72023 Zombies set1 ALL72024 Zombies set2 Orion (WW2) ORI72047 German WW2 Panzer Soldiers Basic Set 2 ORI72048 Soviet Assault Group. 1945 […]

28mm Vehicles, new Rubicon batch.

This new brand,Rubicon Models, is doing an excellent work by now. Close to be released there are 5 new models, which mainly cover German Sd.Kfz 251/1 in a well bunch of variants, but not only. Full list as follow: 280021 – T-34/85 – Mid & Late War 280017 – StuG III Ausf. G 280018 – […]

1/72 Listings up to date…

While some of the past announced models by Model Collect still haven’t reach stores, a new wave of “big” weapons have been announced by the Chinese brand, who seems to pick up the baton from S-Model to be the most prolific brand. The new announced models suppose a big boost to Russian Missile Systems, and […]

New 1/72 Plastic Models Brand. AGA Models

AGA Models From Poland emerges this new brand, called AGA. By now they are releasing old AER kits, also released by PST and other brands, so by now it will not be listed here, but we keep an eye on it, seeing how this evolves in the future. Their first models re-released are: BM-13 Zis-5 […]

1/35 Scale listings updated.

As well as MiniArt listings, updated in the previous communication, all the other brands covered by us in this scale are now up to date. Zvezda add an interesting support vehicle, “Terminator” , the name says everything about this lethal machine. ICM, which usually update some models, only have a new item, product 35365 – […]

MiniArt 2015 Novelties

MiniArt spotted some weeks ago a lot of novelties for this 2015 year. Although they promise some more “secret” items by now the novelties’ list is as follow: 35145 BZ-38 REFUELLER 35156 GAZ-05-193 STAFF BUS 35160 GAZ-03-30 AMBULANCE 35164 GAZ-05-194 AMBULANCE 35169 Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. D 35172 U.S. MOTORCYCLE WLA w/RIDERS 35176 REST ON […]