1:72 scale is a scale used for scale models, most commonly model aircraft, corresponding to one sixth of an inch representing one foot (or 1 inch to 6 feet). In other words, 72 of a given model placed end to end would represent the length of the real thing. In this scale, a man who is six feet tall would be exactly one inch in height. The scale was popular for aircraft because small fighters and large bombers were represented, and was practically the only choice of scale if a modeler wanted to have all aircraft types represented in the same scale.

This scale originated with the Skybirds and Frog Penguin aircraft model ranges produced in the United Kingdom during the 1930s and was subsequently used for aircraft recognition models by the Allies of World War II.[1] [2] More subjects and genres are covered in this scale than any other.[3] This scale is widespread in Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, Latin America, and is extremely popular in the UK. It is less popular in Australia, Canada, and the USA, where 1:48 is more prevalent.

In recent years this scale has also gained popularity for model military vehicles, and is also used for Japanese anime science fiction models, die-cast model cars, figures, and radio-control model ships.
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